Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you have questions about the EBOSS Group and we have listed a number of the frequently asked questions below:

What not-for-profit organizations do you support?

Starting in 2020, we are going to allow our Bullseye Members to select which not-for-profit organizations we support as a group. For the first year, we will review the membership numbers in June and determine, as a group, if we want to make a donation to one organization at the end of the year or two organizations (one in June and one in December). As our membership numbers grow, our goal is to make donations to different organizations throughout the year.

Where is the next chapter you are opening?

We are a MEMBERS driven group. We started with a chapter in Indian Trial, NC because we had an eager Chapter Director and over ten people that wanted us to start a chapter there immediately. Accordingly, we met with a coffee shop and set up a schedule for those meetings. From there we grew strategically in and around Charlotte, NC. Now we have plans to open a number of new regions in both North Carolina and South Carolina. These include: Piedmont Triad Region, Research Triangle, Upstate,  and Columbia.

Because of the online community and EBOSS.Reviews platform as an organizational benefit, we have the flexibility to form new chapters where we have new members joining. This means that if we get a handful of active members in a city, we will work with them to help form a chapter. From there, we are expecting to see a number of members want to branch out and form their own chapter by inviting other business owners and salespeople that they know to another location on a different day/time.

If you have an interest in helping us start a chapter in your local area, please let us know after you have become a member.

Do you plan on having larger events?

Yes. Since this is a members' driven group, we are always open to looking at opportunities that will enable our members to build relationships. We recognize that this could mean having larger regional meetings, seminars, etc. that will help bring our members together. Part of this will be our Business Development Series. This quarterly series will take place in every region where we have at least 5 active chapters. We will share information about the event with members as the events get finalized for that region.

Can I pay annually instead of semi-annually?

Yes. If you wish to pay annually, please submit a support ticket after joining the free Networker Membership. We can send you a special payment link that enables you to pay once per year.

Can I pay by cash or check?

Yes. If you wish to pay by cash or check, that can be arranged. We will need to send you an invoice so that a receipt can be sent after the payment has been received. Once you receive your invoice, you may mail a check to the following address:

6255 Towncenter Drive #631
Clemmons, NC  27012

Your Bullseye Membership will be upgraded once the payment has been received.

Do you offer monthly payments?

No. The only way to build relationships is to invest in the relationship. Our group is only interested in having members who want to actively build relationships. We have found that a 6-month membership allows new members enough time to start building relationships.

Do you offer a refund period?

No. With our Networker Membership, you have the option to be a free member of the EBOSS Group and attend all the meetings. We are willing to provide a complimentary demo of the various benefits and even show them to you before or after an in-person or online meeting. Since we do not require payment for the full year to be paid at one time, you do have the option to cancel your membership prior to the next billing cycle.


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